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Product name: Chlorfenapyr WG Chemical name: 4-bromo-2-(4-chlorophenyl)-1-ethoxymethyl-5-trifluoromethylpyrrole-3-carbonitrile CAS RN: [122453–73–0] FAO Quality Standard: Disintegrate (S) ≤180 Wettable time (Sec) ≤90 Suspensibility (%)≥80 PH Value (25℃) 5.0-8.0 Water content (%)≤3 Fineness sieve test (%)(325 mesh) ≥98 Mean Particle Size (mm)1.0 Our Quality Standard: Disintegrate (S)≤45 Wettable time (Sec)≤20 Suspensibility (%)≥93 PH Value (25℃) 5.0-8.0 Water content (%)≤3 Fineness sieve test (%)(400 mesh)≥98 Mean Particle Size (mm)1.0 Application: Chlorfenapyris used for controlling of many species of insects and mites, including those resistant to carbamate, organophosphate and pyrethroid insecticides and also chitin-synthesis inhibitors, in cotton, vegetables, citrus, top fruit, vines and soya beans. Among pests resistant to conventional products which are controlled by chlorfenapyr are Brevipalpus phoenicis (leprosis mite), Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Colorado potato beetle), Helicoverpa spp., Heliothis spp., Plutella xylostella (diamond-back moth) and Tetranychus spp. Also control of many species of structural and householdFormicidae (especially Camponotus, Iridomyrmex, Monomorium, and Solenopsis), Blattellidae (especially Blatta, Blattella, Periplaneta and Supella spp.), Kalotermitidae (especially Incisitermes) and Rhinotermitidae (especially Reticulitermes, Coptotermes, Heterotermes) at use rates of between 0.125 to 0.50% a.i. w/w. Technical: Appearance: White Solid Package: 25kg; 50kg drums, etc Formulations: 30%WDG Insecticide website:http://www.sailingagro.com/insecticide/

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Company introduction
Hongliang company specializes in the production of stage lighting factory, the company's predecessor is to do stage lighting engineering installation design for 10 years, we uphold the quality of the first integrity of our products, customer first.
Now the factory provides stage lighting production, processing, labeling, sales and other services, the factory is located in Guangzhou Baiyun District Economic Development Zone near the Baiyun Airport Expressway, convenient traffic around, very convenient for customers to see the factory.
The workshop adopts the most advanced dust-free production workshop. The factory has an aging line. It can test the aging of 100 finished products at the same time. It fully absorbs the advanced international management concepts. It has been devoted to technical research and development, independently carries out product research and development, and introduces advanced production equipment and standardized production process. Our products have passed the relevant quality inspection and aging test. The company has a complete and scientific ISO 9000 management system, through CE, ROHS certification, high-tech, high-quality products to occupy the market. Our lights meet the needs of distributors and end users, and have been exported to more than 100 countries, and has served more than 1,000 customers. We are highly praised by people from all over the world.
Our business goal: do every product well.
Our business philosophy: integrity service, excellent quality to win the world.
Our service concept: do our best to serve every customer well.
About us
Hongliang Stage Lighting Company was founded in 2016, our goal is to do a good job for customers every light, through our website, we can provide you with high quality products at competitive prices!
We are willing to work closely with our customers. Our main products are headlight, LED headlight, LED PA lamp, lighting console, LED effect lamp, etc. Please feel free to contact us!
About our story
We are a young post-90s team, from production to sales of every detail we are very professional, long-term supply to other trading companies, products exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Africa and around the world. Whether it is a school, a nightclub, a theater or a place of worship, Hongliang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. will do a good job for you every lighting equipment. Because we are a passionate and caring team.
Our Product
LED shaking head lamp, shaking head light beam LED staining, Palmer lamp, video lamp, light control console, LED outdoor dyed lamp.
Product Application
Stage, bar, KTV, theatre, conference hall, studio
Our Certificate
Production Market
Taihu legend, Beijing TV, Guangzhou Meteorological Bureau, Suho bar, starry KTV, rainbow theatre.
Packing and transportation
1) Packing with 2pieces for1 flight case or packing with 1 piece for 1 flight case
2) Packing 1 piece for 1 carton,packing 2 pieces for 1 carton,or 4 pieces for 1 carton . A variety of specifications of the carton optional
3) Solid wooden case
4) Various express are available, usually a small amount of goods sent by express
Our service
After sale
1 year warranty ,lifelong follow-up services
1.Training how to install and operate the light
2.Response within 24 hours once got the questions from customers
3.Send spare parts with 2 days after got notice
4.If there has problem with the product,pictures or videos are necessary for us to check carefully for you,we will offer you the replace parts for free,if within 1 year warranty.
During the warranty period, if the product fails, please send a picture or video of the product to our company's professional and technical personnel for diagnosis. Our company will mail the relevant parts to you or replace them with new ones. If it is deliberately damaged, our company will not be responsible.20r Moving Head


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